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"12 opportunities that Hypnosis and Sleepering provides right now"
Nikita Burlakov, PhD
Founder of "Soul development. Hypnosis." programme. Master Hypnologist
How to improve all areas of your life,
We prepare Hypnologists and Sleepers from scratch
We give the new profession and change people's lives once and for all.
Graduates - from 50 countries, and more than 26 hours of Rave reviews.
Places left:
9 out of 50
This webinar is for you, if:
You want to master the new profession and earn money by fulfilling your mission with a profession you love
You want to learn, how to become a Hypnologist and Sleeper and help people all over the world already after 6 weeks
You want to break the Karmic Cycle in your life and start afresh
You want to relieve your blocks, foibles and negative beliefs
You want to achieve your true unique potential from scratch by Hypnosis And Sleepering
You want to Create financial abundance with special technics
What is the Webinar about?
Who are the sleepers and hypnologists?
What are the main tasks of Hypnosis?
How do hypnosis sessions go through sleepers?
Why are online practices not worse than live practices, and even better in some aspects?
The terms: the Higher self and psyche / soul
How to learn Hypnosis and Sleepering techniques fast and start earning money by using them?
You'll be amazed by how Hypnosis And Sleepering will affect your life!
What are the main tasks of Hypnosis?
Why are we here? Past lives connection
Strengthening your connection to your Higher Self
Strengthen the connection to everything you wish, you want to learn
Diagnostics and Soul Cleansing
Cleanse your spirit/soul and the soul of your loved ones, get rid of negative energy and entities
Hypnotherapy and psychosomatic
Get rid of fears and foibles once and forever
Посмотрите отзывы наших учеников и оцените масштаб изменений
I am pleased to see you here
Nikita Burlakov - PhD — Founder of "Soul development. Hypnosis." programme. Master Hypnologist.
I had more than 5000 hours of hypnosis with the sleeper and individually.
I was taught by the best professionals.
I am the author of the unique one and half-month course for the disclosure of psychic abilities in people from scratch
I teach more than 60 techniques of working in hypnosis
I've taught more than 1000 hypnologists and sleepers
Our graduates are working and practicing in more than 50 countries around the world
Гипнолог, Слипер, Кандидат Наук
Никита Бурлаков
OUR MAP with the graduates
OUR MAP with the graduates
OUR MAP with the graduates
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